Breaking the Myths about Working as an Independent Escort

There are lots of myths and shenanigans about working as an escort. So many people don’t know what it is really like to be an escort. And, as a result they spin tales of lies and deceit. A tsunami of misinformation and exaggerations may deter well-meaning ladies from joining the business. Lucky for you, we went undercover to bust all the myths about being an escort. Our sources, a female escort, conducted interviews with us and we are only too glad to share the information with you. Let’s have a look at the common misconceptions.

Breaking the Myths about Working as an Independent Escort

  1. Be Your Own Boss

For the most part, escorting as a career gives the impression of setting your own hours and working for yourself. This is a common disbelief. When you are starting out as a female Mumbai escort, the safest and best decision for you is to join an agency. Before you can become an independent escort, you need to learn the bases and understand how the industry works. Liza, an independent escort worked for two years for an agency before she had the resources to break out on her own.

  1. Lots of Money

Truth be told, the majority of escorts stay in the business for the money. Much as the payday for an escort is significantly larger than the typical 8-5 job, it is not easy money. The bigger percentage of the ladies who join then quit being an escort operate under the wrong information that being an escort translates to lots of easy money. Like every typical job, escorting is all about strategy. You may work today and earn a good wad of cash but fail to work for the rest of the week. If you want to join the escort business, you need to commit and do your research before jumping in.

Breaking the Myths about Working as an Independent Escort

  1. Escorting is Exciting

There are a good number of fantasies that revolve around being an escort. People who are not in the escort industry fantasize about dressing up in fancy provocative clothes and having sex with random strangers. It seems like a glamorous life full of great sex and traveling to exotic places. The reality, however, is far from fantasy. According to Zoe, a female Juhu escort, you need lots of help when getting started. Get pointers from other escorts about how to stay on the right side of the law. Being an escort is not just a part-time occupation or something to take up on your way up the career ladder. It is a real-life career with all the cogs and gears that come with any other high-pressure job. If you are considering going into it, make sure you are mentally prepared.

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