Do Female Escorts Take Long Breaks?

Have you ever wondered where escorts get their strength from?? These girls are always energetic and happy no matter what time it is. The best way of understanding the energy escorts have, is by giving them a call in the middle of the night. Request them for a date in less than an hour. These girls will not only be there looking gorgeous and hot but energetic as well. Although many people have never taken the time to understand how these girls operate, their beautiful and energetic nature got me wondering. I became curious and decided to speak to several and hear how they do this. My question was; do these female escorts take long breaks just like any other person? The answers I got were very different. There are some who ensure they go on leave at least twice in a year while others don’t.

The reason for the difference was very clear.

Do Female Escorts Take Long Breaks?

How one takes their job?

There was a clear line drawn between those who take escorting as a career just like any other career and those who take it as the shortest route to riches. Those who take their job as a career normally take some time off their job at least twice in a year. Many female Mumbai escorts actually confessed to taking one day in the week just to relax and have time to rebuild them. According to these girls they said that no one works from January to December unless they don’t love themselves enough. At the same time, if you want to give quality services to your client, there’s no other way of getting it done than by loving yourself enough to allow yourself time to rest.

For those who take escorting as the easiest route to getting rich, they said they don’t see the need of taking a break. To them, a day break is enough for them to regain back all the strength they need to get going. Although it sounded like they really loved their job, on the other hand, this showed some greed.

Do Female Escorts Take Long Breaks?

Insecurity about Clients

At the same time, these girls said taking a long break will not only make them loose on a lot of opportunities but clients too. Their point is that no client will postpone what he wanted to do just because his regular independent Andheri escort is on leave. This simply shows that there are some escorts who overwork themselves not because they love his job boy but out of fear of losing their clients.

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