Why an escort should not serve a client several times?

A date with an escort for the first time is normally a risky affair. Whether one is dealing with an independent escort or an agency, you can never be sure of the quality of services you will receive from an escort unless you first have a personal experience. Although one doesn’t hire an escort to have a relationship with them; but it would feel so uncomfortable to spend two or three hours with a person you are not compatible with. You are paying for the services of an escort are enough reason to get services that worth your money. This, however, might not be the case with everyone and therefore when one gets an escort they are compatible with, they wants to hire them again and again.

Whether you need an escort for a few hours or a few days, it is every client’s dream to have an unforgettable experience. This is one of the reasons why clients prefer dealing with an agency that embraces repeat clients. This is because; you will get an assurance of the services you will receive from your escort of choice. On the other hand, many independent Mumbai escorts avoid having a repeat client. Although there are many advantages of dealing with a repeat client; below are a number of reasons why an escort should not serve a client several times:

Why an escort should not serve a client several times?

Escorts may get attached to the client

Although people take escorting as a business like any other, they normally forget that these same Bandra escorts have feelings like any other person. Escorts have been reported to get married to their clients after having several repeat dates. Although this might seem like a good thing. It might turn out negatively, if an escort gets emotionally attached to their clients and the client decides to disappear. Many escorts got emotionally affected by such an event that sometimes affects the quality of their work.

Why an escort should not serve a client several times?

They may get too familiar with each other

Although being familiar with each other might work positively on one side, it might also be a negative thing if not no boundaries are set. When a client gets too familiar with the Worli escort, they sometimes assume they can receive free services. At the same time, some expect to be given special treatment compared to other clients. This becomes a problem as the client might assume they can get these escorts at any time of the day even without prior arrangement.

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